Why Mobile Home Retirement?

February 1, 2024

Why People Are Choosing Mobile Home Retirement

Where and how to retire is a big decision, but no one is alone in making it! Many people are discovering the benefits of manufactured home retirement. Here are some answers to the most common questions about retiring in a manufactured home community like Riverwalk Landing.

Is Mobile Home Retirement Affordable?

Yes it is! At Riverwalk Landing you can purchase your own, newly custom built manufactured home at a very affordable price. And another cost saving benefit to living in a residential community means that you do not pay property tax.

What is the Maintenance Like?

In one word - easy! Manufactured homes are economically sized so they are easy to maintain. One of the greatest perks of living in a community like Riverwalk Landing is that many of the pesky tasks of home upkeep are no longer your responsibility such as landscaping.

Will I Like Living in a Manufactured Home?

Many people wonder if manufactured homes are spacious enough for them to live comfortably. The answer is yes they are! We invite you to tour our models to get a sense of how perfectly sized our mobile homes are for one or two adults. Because these are single story units, stairs will never be a problem.

Still not sure if manufactured home living is right for you? Come stay in one of our rental models for a weekend to see how much you will love living at Riverwalk Landing. Contact us to learn more.

Why Live in a 55+ Manufactured Home Community?

The amenities, ideal location, and built in social community make Riverwalk Landing the perfect retirement option for active seniors looking to enjoy living in Florida. Get to know your neighbors at the clubhouse, dog park, tiki bar or any of the other shared amenities at Riverwalk Village. But unlike a senior apartment or 55 and over condominium, a major benefit of living in a manufactured home community is that you get to enjoy greater privacy living in your own home!

Ready to learn more about living at Riverwalk Landing? Get in touch now, we can't wait to hear from you!

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